The collaboration between Adrià Piñol Design and DosKiwis, a Catalan/New Zealand brewing company based on the Costa Brava, was formed from their very get go in 2014.

Branding the Brand New

Although the company was just starting, they aimed to produce beer of great quality and distinctive flavors. 

I focused on creating a look with a timeless feel, as I believed they would soon become a classic. 

While the area where the brewery is placed is touristy, with a myriad of seasonal businesses, it is also heavily populated with Northern European retirees - mainly British, Dutch and German. 

For this very reason, we aimed for a solid but unique and elegant looking brand image, which would give a feeling of an all-year-round presence and reliability.

The Logo

In its original version, the DosKiwis logo was designed using colors from the black and grey spectrum to evoke the feeling of timeless presence. 

Dos is the number 2 in Catalan and it stands for the 2 founding partners. 

Kiwis is both the name of the New Zealand iconic birds and the nickname for New Zealanders. 

The robust Sans Serif font makes a strong base on which are perched the light birds and inspires a sense of trust.  

The open frame of the logo design conveys a sense of freedom, so often found in New Zealand wild landscapes.

Even if your business is just an idea, Adrià Piñol Design will help you to visually shape and brand it in a way that it will appeal to your intended/target tribe. 

Style, colors, feel and overall atmosphere will bring out the best of what you want to offer. 

The best branding and digital media strategies will be at your disposal to help you showcase your business right from the very first step. 


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